About the Company




MAISON VON SORELLA was founded by Priscilla Von Sorella and officially launched during Paris Fashion Week in September of 2017. The first two collections by the label have embodied Women's Ready-to-Wear. Further creations will continue to explore new depths of fashion, while focusing on preserving the art of true couture design inspired by the Paris Fashion Houses of the 1920's. 

MAISON VON SORELLA has produced special creations for:

  • Luxury Womenswear & Accessories
  • Leather Handbags
  • Science-Fiction Movie Production Costume Design
  • Menswear Suiting & Accessories
  • Athletic Sports & Performance
  • Special Order Designs


For more information on working together with VON SORELLA or requesting special services, please email mode@vonsorella.com.

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." - P. Picasso

About the Designer

 P. Von Sorella, Founder & Creative Director

P. Von Sorella, Founder & Creative Director


Founder Priscilla Von Sorella is a designer with 10 years experience in apparel design, dressmaking, and Haute Couture. After completing high school at the age of 15, Priscilla studied Fashion Design and went on to quickly train herself to create complex designs and continued to challenge herself. She established Von Sorella as a product of her unique inspiration.

Priscilla's inspirations come from artistic and sci-fi films and books, european architecture, and all things elegant with a modern edge. Von Sorella's most influential source of creative direction is Parisian culture and fashion.

While also focusing on social responsibility and sustainability, one of Von Sorella's strongest passions is her love for international influence and collaboration. To date, she has worked with talent and resources from many places around the globe. 

Priscilla can be reached at ceo@vonsorella.com.