A brief collection of stories by VON SORELLA.

Vintage French Fabric Finds

Written by Priscilla Von Sorella

One of my favorite finds is a rare vintage fabric to use for constructing a one-of-a-kind garment. In preparation for a photoshoot in collaboration with Bloomsbury publishing, I searched for unique textiles that would stand out in my completed design. 


In my opinion, the most elegant color is Ivory; it's the perfect match for almost any skin tone, can be complimented by a wide spectrum of accent colors, and looks brilliant in any lighting.

I stuck gold when finding this vintage French textile, possibly the last piece left in the United States for sale. This beautiful fabric was manufactured in the early 1990's and turned into a perfect vintage Parisian inspired dress.

This VON SORELLA couture piece was made specifically for an editorial being published by a fellow friend and author. VS will be featured as a design firm and used as an example for high fashion pieces.