A brief collection of stories by VON SORELLA.

Haute Couture Pen Strokes

Written by Priscilla Von Sorella

Sketching is rarely apart of the design process at VON SORELLA. We take an organic approach to our design process in most cases. However, in August of 2017, Houston experienced the worst Hurricane in our history. The hurricane left the city devastated and dysfunctional. Unlike many others, we were fortunate to not suffer damage or loss during the long days of disaster. The storm prevented us from traveling, but allowed our minds to wander as far as wanted. I  personally used the time to gather new inspiration and it took me further than I ever imagined. 

Following watching the entire  series "The Collection", I felt a wave of bursting energy in light of the nuance of haute couture designs. 

 Illustrations by Creative Director, Priscilla Von Sorella

Illustrations by Creative Director, Priscilla Von Sorella

About 70 sketches were completed during the several day period.


The sketch series features striking dramatic lines, demonstrating full, playful silhouettes. Each dress has a distinct feature: feathers, beads, or embellishments. 

VON SORELLA plans to begin construction of the pieces in the first half of 2018.