A brief collection of stories by VON SORELLA.

Jardin de Lumière Inspired by Monet

Written by Priscilla Von Sorella

VON SORELLA's Spring/Summer 2018 womenswear collection was named "Jardin de Lumière" because of creative inspiration from Monet's Garden and Painting of the Waterlilies. The name Jardin de Lumière translates to "Garden of Light".  During the time that Monet completed the breathtaking work in the Painting of the Waterlilies, his personal life was anything but light. However, the gripping beauty around him proved to be his savior.

Monet 1.jpg
Monet 2.jpg
Monet 3.jpg
Monet 4.jpg

I fell in love with the color palette of these artistic masterpieces and integrated them into my designs. 


Fashion always tells a story, whether it's intended to or not. I hope with this collection, the brightness and subtle shimmer of the materials used will illuminate the world, one garment at a time.