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Official Statement from MAISON VON SORELLA Regarding Influencer Engagement


March 3, 2018

Following the second Fashion Week presentation by MAISON VON SORELLA, the label has officially made the executive and conclusive decision to relinquish any interest in collaborations and partnerships with fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers and influencers. The company feels it is important to question and analyze the role that influencers play in the changing fashion industry. Founder & Creative Director Priscilla Von Sorella's personal statement follows below: 

"From a personal standpoint, I unfollowed over 400 major fashion and lifestyle influencers (all with a following ranging from 150k-1.3M). I can truthfully say I am comfortable in my decision to do so. While their content is aesthetically pleasing, it is important to question: What are they portraying? How do they contribute to the brand and industry as a whole, while not providing an exceptional service that is critical to the completion of a collection? How effective are their conversions to sales? Do they truly connect to the raw consumer market?

Whether the answers to these questions are correct or not, I will not use blogger and influencer services, and the decision is final. I do believe it is important to start this conversation. This decision will not determine the ultimate success of my brand, and I will not disavow my personal feelings toward the referenced industry as a whole.

While I highly respect anyone trying to start their own business and start their own personal brand, I am not prepared to support individuals who capitalize off of portraying a lifestyle while using items I work hard to create and design.

My creations are for the public, private, and retail client to purchase or the official accredited press to publish. Perhaps if other labels follow my decision, we will reclaim the purpose of our businesses. We work tirelessly and zealously to remain designers in an already challenging industry, and we deserve to make this decision while remaining strong.

I remain friends with many blogger professionals and wish them success in their arena, though Von Sorella will not participate in any paid partnerships for advertising from influencers."



Priscilla Von Sorella