Featured in ELLE Italia!

This past week I have been focused on giving fashion expert advice to various outlets and this morning, I was thrilled to see my name in ELLE Italia! I think it's safe to say that every fashion designer dreams of the day they will see their name under the staple ELLE logo, and today is that day

The Universe has been sending some serious serendipitous signs lately. This is extremely fitting since my label purchase all materials directly from Italian suppliers. I also have some very exciting Italian news coming up later this month 🤫. 

The article, whose title translates to "How to dress at 40 is an uncomfortable question — whose answer is as useful at 30 at 50, 60, 70" talks about all the fashion rules you can break at age 40, and any age! I love that ELLE Italia interpreted this because though I am age 28, I think this fashion advice can apply to a widespread group of women of all ages. 

 Here, I talk about breaking the old (who made it anyway?) rule that goes: "Don't wear black and brown together". Yes, you can mix black and brown, and you can do it tastefully! This is one of my favorite rules to break because you can mix textures, fabric materials, and prints! Yes, you don't want to mix black and brown tones that are uncomplimentary to each other, but do it in a sophisticated manner and... voila! 

ELLE Italia sourced this story from another article published on Best Life Online speaking about all the best fashion rules you can break.

 -Priscilla Von Sorella