Von Sorella's Costume & Wardrobe Design department offers costume and wardrobe design services for film production companies with a specialization in sci-fi.

Designing for worlds beyond our own

CINEMATIC SCI-FI COUTURE: Bringing visions to life

Introducing our premier division dedicated to crafting awe-inspiring costume designs unique suited for sci-fi film productions. Leveraging an exceptional team of visionary designers and talented artisans, we offer an extensive array of services catered to production companies aiming to breathe life into futuristic and fantastical characters on the cinematic stage.

materializing dreams

Transcending fantasy

Our dynamic design team takes cues of inspiration from the ever-evolving landscape of AI-produced imagery and films, honing in on those that align seamlessly with our distinguished ethos and unique style.

challenging traditional limits

inspired by the universe

In our quest to stay at the forefront of creativity, we leverage state-of-the-art resources and groundbreaking technology to transform these intriguing ideas into tangible realities. The fusion of AI-generated concepts with our creative ingenuity sparks a symphony of imagination.

on the frontier

Revolutionizing costume design with AI Design

key services


We work closely with production companies to understand the unique vision and requirements of the film and characters. Their team collaborates with directors, other costume designers, and production designers to conceptualize and sketch out extraordinary costume ideas that align with the film's narrative and futuristic setting.


We excel in creating custom-made costumes that cater to the needs of specific characters, species, or civilizations in the sci-fi world. Our craftspeople ensure that each outfit reflects the distinct personality and traits of the characters while also considering practicality and functionality for the actors during filming.

Cutting-edge Materials & Technology

We live at the forefront of fashion innovation, utilizing cutting-edge materials and advanced techniques to produce awe-inspiring and futuristic garments. From smart textiles to 3D-printed elements, the company seamlessly blends fashion with technology to achieve captivating looks.


To ensure the costumes fit perfectly and meet the creative vision, we offer prototyping services. They conduct multiple fittings and adjustments to guarantee that the costumes not only look visually stunning but also allow the actors to perform comfortably and convincingly.

Ethical and Sustainable PracticeS

We exclusively use ethical and sustainable fashion practices, using eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods wherever possible. We aim to minimize environmental impact while delivering top-tier costume designs.


We provide on-set support during filming to address any costume-related issues and ensure seamless integration with the overall production. We are available for adjustments, repairs, and guidance to guarantee that the costumes maintain their visual impact throughout the shooting process.


We extend an opportunity for a collaborative go-to-market collection inspired by your production's costumes, facilitating revenue sharing and a marketing platform for your project.

British tailoring & craftsmanship

handmade in London

Von Sorella Costume & Wardrobe Design creations are made in London according to traditional tailoring for a modern fit. Each stitch, each seam, and each meticulously crafted detail become a celebration of the rich tapestry of fashion's past, a nod to the spirit of contemporary style, and a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of its future.


Von Sorella was conceived by founder and creative director Priscilla Von Sorella as a fashion brand rooted in couture, aligned with today’s social and environmental priorities, and with a visionary style for a brighter future. Its all-women design, operations, and production teams are dedicated to ensuring the brand’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable goals while delivering luxury fashions meant to ignite imagination, empower and inspire anyone to live their truth.

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The first costume design firm of its kind

Von Sorella is embracing the marriage of technology and fashion, and this is just the beginning of our illumination of its potential.

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