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VON SORELLA and Aston Martin DC came together to shoot the new VILLAIN Collection in our new campaign. #LUXURYFORTHEDARING

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Since its inception, VON SORELLA has focused on curating an experience for our audience that elevates the fashion experience. We have experimented across a wide range of events from intimate trunk shows at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan to pop-up events with exclusive partners.


Founder and Creative Director Priscilla Von Sorella is a lifelong sports car enthusiast with a strong appreciation for high-performance vehicles. An avid Formula 1 fan and former motorcycle owner, she works to celebrate the synergies of luxury fashion and fast cars.

“When I looked for who we could potentially align with for our upcoming collection, I started with one of the top brands on me list: Aston Martin. As a self-proclaimed Bond Girl (my IG handle is @bondgirlvon), I knew this was my top choice,” explains Priscilla. “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to create with a partnership, but I knew there was symbolic similarities we could play with. Upon discussing some ideas with the Head of Marketing, David, at Aston Martin DC of Exclusive Auto Group, we came up with an immersive atmosphere where our audience could see a fashion shoot up close and get to be a part of the experience.”

Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts in the community alike were personally invited to attend the fashion experience. The VON SORELLA team hosted an editorial photoshoot featuring the upcoming VILLAIN menswear capsule collection with menswear models wearing the pieces inside of Aston Martin’s Vanquish Zagato Coupe, DB11, and V12 Vantage models.

The capsule collection was hand delivered from London just days before in time for the shoot. All VON SORELLA pieces are handcrafted in England, similar to Aston Martin, made with unparalleled precision and detail. British tailoring and craftsmanship merged beautifully in this campaign.

The event also offered for one-on-one conversations with Priscilla Von Sorella, where she gave a first account of the design, production, and creative process involved in the making of the collection.

“We’re really big on trying the pull back the curtains on what’s happening behind the scenes. People have a deep interest and curiosity in what we do. I’m incredibly lucky that I get to share my story with those who want to listen, and who appreciate the brands that we partnership and our clothing. It’s about the relationships we build. That’s unmatched,” says Priscilla.

“Our team had a great time getting to shoot our collection alongside some of the most beautiful cars available, including the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Coupe, DB11, and V12 Vantage. We’re really grateful to meet people who think outside of the box and want to create something with us.”

VON SORELLA sincerely thanks Exclusive Auto Group and Aston Martin DC for their hospitality and commitment to creative thinking and collaboration.

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