An Exclusive Conversation with Priscilla Von Sorella and Ryan Lowe

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Founder and Creative Director Priscilla Von Sorella recently sat down with fashion journalist/historian Ryan Lowe. A self-proclaimed Alexander McQueen enthusiast, Lowe has one of the most diverse and knowledgeable fashion brains you might ever come in contact with. He scours the internet to find fashion blogs and collections that most people skip over. He is an arbiter of fashion’s forgotten, as well as fashion’s most notable. He’s a curation-oriented social media presence, someone who has large aspirations for not only himself in the fashion community, but the fashion community as a whole. Whether high fashion or DIY, he has an eye and an appreciation of all things fashion.

"I really enjoyed speaking with Ryan. It's not every day you get to dive into the inner most workings behind why you do what you do. He is inspirational, knowledgeable, and energizing to talk with. I'm glad to call this fellow McQueen enthusiast a new friend," explained Priscilla. 

Read the exclusive interview and Ryan's body of work here.


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