BTS: Fashion Photoshoot in New York with VON SORELLA

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Why I love fashion photoshoot days

As a designer, my favorite part of the process is seeing something come to life. For me personally, this happens at the day of the  fashion photoshoot for the piece I've worked weeks, sometimes months or even years, to be ready to happen.

It's an amazing feeling: seeing a talented team of a model, photographer, stylist and artistic assistants working together to bring the design to life. A lot of the time they make a piece shine in a light I never imagine during the design process. Of course, I'm always excited to see how my design is interpreted by others and what stories they tell through it. This fashion photoshoot experience brought zero disappointment and exceeded my expectations, as usual when working with this amazing team.

VON SORELLA is extremely committed to storytelling and pulling the curtain back, so we take opportunities like this to share our experience. A fashion photoshoot is a perfect way to bring you into the light of what happens behind the scenes. 

Shooting the VILLAIN Collection

This fashion photoshoot had a key goal: deliver some spectacular photos for the upcoming VILLAIN Autumn/Winter'23 Collection. The VILLAIN Collection is an exploration of duality – in how light cannot exist without dark. It also illustrates the collision of masculinity and femininity. Naturally, I seek to always emulate a daring, dark, seductive, and mysterious ambience when shooting this collection.

The dream team

Joining us from previous work was model Logan Joel (@tallplatinumblonde) and fashion photographer Stephanie McClaughlin (@stephaniemclaughlinphoto). Both are often internally referred to as the 'dream team', and I won't explain further (is there even a need?) Joining us  from the VON SORELLA team were styling assistants Mercedez and Fahmeeta, who also aid in capturing bts magic and video for social. Because I modeled and directed the shoot, it was tough for me to be everywhere at once! (A challenge I always accept). 

Where do you begin?

A fashion photoshoot is about creating something powerful. However, it is also about making sure that everyone has a great time in the process. This is just as important to me as getting the 'money image. Because without great energy on set, results fall flat. I've been on dozens of fashion photoshoot sets over the years, and the first priority for them all is to create a great atmosphere and fun rapport. Thankfully with Logan, Stephanie, Mercedez, and Fahmeeta, this is no challenge! Our team carries an adventurous spirit and can switch from intense laughter to serious game face in a matter of nanoseconds. 

A good vibe goes a long way

Upon entering the studio, we couldn't help but notice the room was stagnant and hot... enough to melt the makeup off! We quickly opened the windows for some air and things immediately took off from there. The fashion shoot was in East Williamsburg, a highly creative epicenter of fashion, art, social life, and culture in New York. This kind of environment strikes the perfect setting to experiment artistically and try interesting shots. 

The results are in, this fashion photoshoot was a success

As a result of group effort, I am really pleased to reflect on this fashion shoot as it was an incredible success. It helps VON SORELLA tell our story in a visually stunning and theatrical way that we will continue building on. The photos from this fashion shoot are now in an upcoming editorial campaign across marketing, social, and PR. 

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes and fashion photoshoots with VON SORELLA. To shop the current drops from the collection, visit our online store

This piece was written by Creative Director and Founder Priscilla Von Sorella

Behind the scenes

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