Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the philosophy behind VON SORELLA? The philosophy of the brand is to fuse modern sophistication with timeless elegance. VON SORELLA products are designed for the empowered, fearless, and unapologetic woman/man/person. Our brand represents boldness, resilience, and strength alongside beauty and confidence. VON SORELLA is made to arm you in fashion, not just dress you in it.

2. Does VON SORELLA make custom commissions? Absolutely! We are happy to custom design creations for your special occasion. To inquire about the process and pricing, please contact us using the contact form. Our custom commissions are made in the USA just as our other product lines and are made to your unique requirements.

3. I really want to purchase something from VON SORELLA, however, it is above my price range. How can I ask about more affordable collections and pieces? As an emerging brand, VON SORELLA wishes to make our products attainable to anyone who wishes to wear it. For this reason, we are releasing a few new capsule collections in the coming year which range across various price ranges. If you cannot afford a piece you really want, send us an email at mode@vonsorella.com explaining your situation. Priscilla Von Sorella donates 2-5 pieces per year and your email may be considered.

4. How can I contact Priscilla Von Sorella directly? While Priscilla appreciates contact from the public, it is best to support her by following @VONSORELLA on Instagram. She does not respond to all inquiries especially if they are advertising or soliciting your business to her or asking about unlisted employment opportunities/collaboration. Only serious inquiries that are supportive of the company will be sent to Priscilla Von Sorella.

5. How can I apply for an internship with VON SORELLA? VON SORELLA is looking for internship candidates year-round . To send us your application, please submit your cover letter, interest, and CV to mode@vonsorella.com. We cannot guarantee you will receive an immediate response, however, your information will be saved for your next cycle of fashion intern recruiting.

6. Why am I blocked from posting on one or more of VON SORELLA’s social media platforms? VON SORELLA does not tolerate any form or harassment, cyber-bullying, or otherwise abusive behavior regardless of whom it is directed to. Spam content will be likewise censored and/or blocked. Our brand promotes mental health, self-growth, and positive social interaction. Any behavior challenging this notion will be blocked, censored, and recorded in our internal database restricting future involvement with our brand’s existence.