Von Sorella Presents London Fashion Experience TechnoNoir: Fashion's Dark Love Affair

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LONDON, UK // June 27, 2023 // Presenting the highly anticipated collection, VILLAIN, New-York and London based fashion house VON SORELLA presents a fashion experience entitled TechnoNoir: Fashion's Dark Love Affair on Monday, July 17 at 7:30 - 9:30 pm. This exclusive event blends fashion and the future, showcasing a collection for all genders and unveiling a  groundbreaking tech platform that harnesses the evolution of tomorrow’s custom fashion landscape, allowing for global accessibility and the advocacy of sustainable fashion.


The Von Sorella VILLAIN Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 Collection is an exploration of duality – in how light cannot exist without dark, in  the collision of masculinity and femininity, in the mirror image of who we are and who we can become.  The collection highlights sleek, structured jackets in bold colors and textured patterns that defy gender  categories. They are declarations of self, armor to face the world, or simply statements of your personal  style. 

Taking her cues from pop culture’s beloved antagonists, Creative Director Priscilla Von Sorella made these pieces resonate with  the seductive powers of the vampire, the grand ambitions of a mastermind in his secret lair, and the  daring of a femme fatale in a gritty film noir. According to Priscilla, “It’s about challenging conventional  notions of roles and identities to reveal the complexity in everyone and allowing them to express themselves beyond whatever they can imagine.

It will take place at an undisclosed location in central London on Monday, July 17 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

RSVP here to learn more (attendance is limited).

About Von Sorella

Von Sorella was conceived by founder and creative director Priscilla Von Sorella in 2017 as a fashion brand rooted in couture, aligned with today’s social and environmental priorities, and with a visionary style for a brighter future. Its all-women design, operations, and production teams are dedicated to ensuring the brand’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable goals while delivering luxury fashions meant to ignite imagination, empower and inspire anyone to live their truth. Von Sorella says, “Having been showcased in Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and soon debut in London, we strive for a sophisticated modernity that makes our collection at home wherever you are.”

About TELOS Style

TELOS Style bridges customers to independent designers everywhere, through a tech-enabled marketplace leveraging a global network of local tailors and produced sustainable products. The platform enables customers to collaborate with designers in a white-glove and red carper end-to-end experience, personalize their garments, and express their individual style uniquely made to their measurements. The use of qualified and universally local tailors reduces the carbon footprint associated with fast fashion, while sustainable materials and ethical practices further promote environmental consciousness. TELOS Style's innovative approach empowers customers to break away from mainstream fashion trends and supports talented independent designers globally.

For questions, email info@vonsorella.com

For media and press registration, please email press@vonsorella.com.

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